"The East End A to Z" by Kara Hoblin

The East End A to ZThe beauty of the East End of Long Island comes to life in this gorgeously illustrated children’s book by North Fork chalk artist Kara Hoblin.

Hoblin’s transformation of the alphabet into splendid works of art, coupled with whimsical text, will engage adults and children alike as they journey through the East End of Long Island. Every stunning letter of the alphabet is bursting with brightly colored images for readers to identify and match with each letter. From cozy inns to seaside villages to the wide variety of wildlife, this book beautifully captures the very essence of what makes the East End of Long Island such a magical place.

Artist, Kara Hoblin works in various media, including chalk, drawing, painting, photography and collage. A sense of childlike wonder is apparent through the whimsical narratives of her work. Inspired and drawn to the natural environment she finds comfort in the feeling of the earth beneath her bare feet, icy saltwater on her skin, or crisp air brushing against her face. Working collectively to share, connect, and inspire others through creation and exploration of our natural light and darkness.

“Through the work I create, I am a vessel or conduit for helping to protect, heal, spread compassion and love in our society and environment. Continually being surprised and ignited by the human psyche, a river of emotions, and oceans of understanding fuel my creative process.”

The impermanence of chalk allows us to visualize how fleeting this life is.
"I created the interactive chalk series, the Chalk Art of Letting Go to encourage people to move forward with positivity, embracing the idea that when one door closes, another opens, and we just have to be willing to walk through it. I invited everyone to erase my work alongside me to illustrate that if we let go of the past, accept it, learn from it, and even appreciate how it has helped shape us, then our possibilities are limitless."
While we can’t predict the future, we can try our best to protect it.