A young duck gets lost on his way from New York City to Duckhampton and makes friends along the way.

The summer commute from New York City to The Hamptons is hectic enough, but for a lost duckling lacking directions, it becomes a full-blown adventure, as a family of posh ducks head east for the summer, leaving their Central Park lake for the famous ponds of Duckhampton. Mr. and Mrs. Gadwall provide strict guidelines for the do's and dont's that go along with the Central Park duck lifestyle; particularly the social pecking order. They warn of the dangers of fraternizing with pigeons and geese and remind their children to respect the swans, as they are the kings and queens of the Park. All these rules fly out the window when their youngest duckling, Robert, gets lost on his way to the fabulous Long Island summer community of Duckhampton and finds help from the most unlikely of birds.

Christian McLean spent the majority of his childhood summers up and down the Forks of Long Island. After receiving his degree in English from Hobart College, he moved to Belize where he happened upon Nelson DeMille's Plum Island. The book summoned up the summer scenes of his boyhood and became the catalyst for Duckhampton, though the first draft wasn't written until a year later, while receiving his Master's degree at Saint Andrews, Scotland. When he graduated he returned to America, settling in Flanders, NY, where, in the shadow of the Big Duck the story was revised and perfected. Eventually, he migrated east to Shelter Island, where he now lives.

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