The Bridgehampton Inn Look + Cook Book

The Bridgehampton Inn Look + Cook Book is Sybille’s coming out party for the Inn Family! Featuring Chef Brian’s modern approach to preparing delicious simple small and large plates, beautiful action photography of our food and cocktails will capture your attention and beg you into the kitchen or bar to make each creation your own. Additionally, Kyle’s delightful original cocktails will raise the spirit of your inner mixologist. Simplified recipe instructions are enhanced by a restaurant kitchen style glossary, quick link video techniques and live access to shopping.

“I was never a fan of complicated wordy recipes; a good recipe can be simply written or stated.” - Chef Brian Szostak

“Treat yourself to this book, and when you are next in Bridgehampton treat yourself to a stay, a dinner, or a drink!” - Julie B. Greene, Bridgehampton Museum Curator & Southampton Town Historian

Originally built in 1795 as The Boxwood Inn, the Bridgehampton Inn & Restaurant stands stoically as a cornerstone in the foundation of life in Bridgehampton. Bridgehampton itself pulls its name from the 17th century bridge built across Sagg Pond, connecting the Native American territory of Mecox with the colonial settled Sagaponack. Likened to the metaphor, the Inn hopes to draw bridges between many elements: traditional and contemporary, refinement and relaxation, sophistication and subtlety.

The Bridgehampton Inn is owned and operated by Sybille van Kempen; it was started as a collaboration in 1994 between Sybille and her mother, Anna Pump of the Hamptons-revered Loaves & Fishes Foodstore.  The fine dining restaurant, opened in 2014, has transformed this space into the newly renamed Bridgehampton Inn & Restaurant, and continues to celebrate the Loaves & Fishes Family tradition, originally inspired over three decades ago by Anna and her passion for fine foods.

The Inn’s 2-story addition was finished in the Spring of 2015, which hosts 6 additional rooms on the top floor, and the Loaves & Fishes Cookshop on the ground floor.  The Bridgehampton Inn & Restaurant is ever growing, and we can only imagine what the next 20 years might bring us. We could not be more excited to share with you the way we cook and entertain now. 

Price: $40.00