BookHampton Watercolor Notecards

BookHampton Watercolor Note Cards

10 Assorted 

Artist Abigail Vogel


Assorted watercolor scenes from your favorite independent East End bookstore!




Abigail Vogel knew she was an artist from the beginning. By age four she was drawing and painting constantly, and her devotion to the arts has been unbroken since then. Drawn to the sea, Abby grew up vacationing on Cape Cod and later worked as a painter on Martha’s Vineyard.

In 1992, she and her husband Paul moved to East Hampton on Long Island’s east end, where she continues to thrive on its ethereal light, broad skies and a lifestyle punctuated by the natural beauty of rolling hillsides, farmland and long stretches of seashore.

Abby’s paintings are a reflection of these everyday pleasures. The beach stones she collectson her daily walks have served as subject matter for poignant works focused on the simplicityof surface, texture and form. Here, her palette is an amalgamation of soft speckles in ochre, lavender and dove gray that coalesce into gentle compositions of coral and quartz. A singlestone might evoke its own quiet dignity or the majestic geology of the eastern seaboard.

Similarly, a lifetime of observation is reflected in Abby’s skies – so present, one can hear the clouds drift by – their depth, a meditation on infinite space.

Whether focused on a single stone, a panoramic vista or the articulations of a botanical dream, in her work Abigail Vogel captures the essence of things, revealing the essential nature of her subjects. 

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