Backgammon Set

back gammon set

Leather Backgammon Set – classic backgammon sets with board dimensions 15x19x1 inches when opened and 15×9.5×2 inches when folded. It’s convenient for indoor and outdoor use

Backgammon Board Game – large board game set for adults and kids with felted board interior. Our backgammon game will be an ideal gift for beginner and advanced players

Classic Dice Game – perfect for game night, parties, holiday gatherings, friends and family

Playing accessories – 15 white chips, 15 brown chips, 2 white dice, 2 brown dice, 2 dice shakers. Each piece is produced by artisans with a high responsibility and preciseness

Gifts – spare accessories in velvet bag + Unique instruction guide. Booklet will help you to learn how to build experience and develop strategic skills playing backgammon


  • 15 inch by 19 inch handheld suitcase style backgammon board
  • 2 pairs playing chips (30 in total)
  • 1 doubling cube, 2 brown dice, 2 white dice
  • 2 dice shakers
  • Spare accessories: 1 white and 1 brown chips, 1 white and 1 browh dice, 1 doubling cube in velvet bag
  • Instructions