Newsletter: Father's Day

Dear Reader,

As a child growing up, and certainly now as a mother, I always think there is a hierarchy to the holidays celebrating the three primary family members. First and foremost is Mother's Day, followed by Father's Day as a distant second and then, barely remembered, Children's Day. Am I the only child whose parents used to say, "But every day is Children's Day!"?  

When it comes to choosing books to mark these family holidays, I think that Father's Day comes out ahead! There are just so many books - for both adults and children - in the store now to delight Dads.  Here are just a few:

Caddyshack - The Making of a Hollywood Cinderella Story The Soul of America



June 8

Caitlin Macy


Sunday, June 10 - 3:00pm

Mark Strausman

The Freds at Barney's New York Cookbook
Friday, June 22


Maureen Calamia

Creating Luminous Spaces

A luminous space is restorative and nurturing. It's a place that inspires us, helps us achieve our goals, and ignites our personal power. Learn how to achieve greater harmony in your life.


Happy Father's Day!

See you in the store!

Carolyn Brody