Jungle Bob, "Lenny: A Most Unusual Reptile"

A fun and educational children’s book featuring reptiles!

Learn fun facts and how cool it is to be different!

Lenny the legless lizard is the first in a series of books from author Jungle Bob, who uses the world’s most “unloved, unusual, and unknown” animals to tackle human issues while correctly portraying them in the wild. In this book, Lenny, a legless lizard is bullied by the local snakes who pick on him for his differences.

Common in many parts of the world they truly are lizards as they have ears and eyelids, two characteristics that all snakes lack. Lenny is harassed by his reptilian cousins for being different but discovers in the end that his differences are really his strengths.

Jungle Bob’s infectious passion for some of the worlds most “Unloved, Unusual and Unknown” began decades ago when as a 6 year old boy he moved from NYC's Hell's Kitchen section to suburban Long Island. It was there he encountered many species of animals unknown to him and a life long journey of learning about reptiles began.

Now a veteran of over 50 trips to tropical rain forests and dozens more to wild habitats around the globe, Jungle Bob has brought the plight of the forests and the creatures that inhabit them to the masses. He was the publisher of the critically acclaimed Fauna Magazine, a National Geographic quality publication that focused on that segment of our natural world. He opened the Seprentarium in Riverhead, a living museum run by a not for profit organization that he was the Chairman of. 

In 2008, he opened Jungle Bob's Reptile World, the Northeast’s largest reptile only pet store, that preaches responsible pet ownership and captive breeding. Jungle Bob has personally touched the lives of thousands of people through informative traveling live animal presentations where he weaves tales from his extensive travels, shares his knowledge and passion of the subject, while dispelling the myths associated with these amazing creatures. 

"Let's face it, our generation isn’t leaving the environment in the best shape, my goal is to ignite a spark in my audiences, particularly the children. Perhaps they will make the difference in saving our planet in the future." -Jungle Bob



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