Joe Gurrera, "Joe Knows Fish: Taking the Intimidation Out of Cooking Seafood"

In his debut cookbook, one of New York’s original and most beloved fishmongers, Joe Gurrera, owner of the prestigious Citarella markets, is on a mission to show us how easy it is to cook seafood. Customers tell Joe again and again they’re afraid to cook fish. They don’t know how to buy it, handle it, or prepare it. Enter JOE KNOWS FISH. This book is a roadmap for novices looking to learn the basics of sourcing and cooking fish. With his easy-to-follow recipes and experience-based tips, Joe takes the intimidation out of cooking seafood.

Joe Knows FishHaving been in the seafood business for over 40 years, Joe shares his immense knowledge and guides us in preparing a variety of seafoods, from salmon steaks to whole branzino, mussels to shrimp, and octopus to uni. His 85+ recipes are approachable and fast. Whether you’re grilling tuna or swordfish for the first time, or trying one of Joe’s signature recipes, like Stuffed Calamari or Clams and Monkfish Brodetto, he guarantees success if you follow a few simple steps—which always includes timing. “Never pick up your cell phone when cooking shrimp or you’ll ruin it. Two minutes, no reboil, and you’re done.” Joe certainly doesn’t hold back and talks to us straight, like he does his family and friends—he captivates us with his endearingly opinionated and authoritative tone.

Joe is out to revolutionize the way people cook seafood, showing us that home cooks can achieve better results than even restaurants when cooking fish, that is, if they follow his 7 Rules. The key: never overcook your fish.

He makes basic techniques like grilling, roasting, and frying foolproof, showing us how easy it is to incorporate seafood into our weekly dinner repertoire. He even shares recipes for his favorite side dishes, from creamy Cauliflower Puree to sweet Roasted Fennel, that are equally effortless to prepare. This comprehensive beginner’s guide is more than just recipes—it’s a schooling in the subtle flavor and texture differences—mild, sweet, delicate, meaty, fatty, and robust— between types of fish.

Even the most die-hard seafood skeptics will find it hard to resist Joe’s passion for seafood. Packed with tempting recipes for mouthwatering dishes and rich, four-color photographs throughout, JOE KNOWS FISH will quickly become your go-to source for how to cook seafood right.

Joe Says: When I hear someone tell me they don’t like cod, or fluke, or halibut, I say WRONG! You know why? Because maybe it was overcooked, or not fresh. I’m going to show you how to cook it the right way.

In JOE KNOWS FISH you’ll find simple and satisfying dishes such as:

• Grilled Tuna Steaks • Parmigiano-Dusted Baked Oysters • Broiled Fluke with Herbs de Provence • Poached Wild Striped Bass with Garlic and Tomato • Crispy Fried Calamari • Spaghetti Alla Vongole • Salmon Crudo and Branzino Tartare • Spaghetti alla Vongole • Baked Clams • Stuffed Calamari • Joe’s Ceviche • Whole Grilled Branzino • Fluke Tartare.

Joe GurreraJoe Gurrera is the owner of Citarella, a group of popular epicurean markets, which started with one of the original and most-respected neighborhood seafood shops in New York. Joe grew up in the fish business, learning first-hand the subtle differences between the flavors and textures of dozens of varieties of seafood. Joe also owns Lockwood & Winant, a wholesale company at the iconic Fulton Fish Market, and the hospitality seafood purveyor Meat Without Feet, which supplies some of the most prestigious restaurants in the world. Today Joe is a food industry leader, influencing gourmet trends, with Citarella markets serving almost 5 million customers annually—and selling 2 million pounds of seafood a year!

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