Eat, Drink, Be Merry... and Buy Books!

You can just feel it, no? It's time to really get serious about buying books for everyone on your list.

As we've often said over the past weeks, BookHampton is ready to make your shopping experience easier and enjoyable. The store is decked with the latest and greatest books, our gift wrapping is artful, carols are playing, and our booksellers are eager to give you personal recommendations.

We've sent out two e-mails (Holiday Selections Part 1 and Holiday Selections for Kids) sharing our favorite books for holiday giving, and as promised, this missive contains part two of our recommendations for grown-ups and those young at heart!

Next up we'll be in touch with a list of our favorite puzzles, games, toys, and stocking stuffers.

And don't forget to follow us on Instagram! Each day in the run up to December 25, BookHampton is posting a unique recommendation to help you choose that special gift.

On to part two of our holiday list! Please remember there are many, many, many more books in the store (often with festive red holiday bows to catch your eye) that are truly worthy for anyone and everyone on your list.

Enjoy the season and see you in the store!  More soon...

Holiday Selections: