Dear Reader September 2017

Dear Reader,

A few weeks ago, just after Labor Day, I might have written with a hint of melancholy about summer’s end—but that feeling has certainly not lingered! In the world of books (and bookselling), fall is the most exciting time of year and this year is especially exciting. The fall releases are amazing and, just to tease you, the forthcoming holiday books are absolutely glorious. Part of what makes the fall season so bountiful is that in this three month period, there are really two waves of new books: fall selections now on our shelves and tables (more on these below) and holiday releases, about which you will hear more in future newsletters. Over the next three months, you’ll be twice enthralled and we can’t wait to tell you about these books. 
Here are the new fall titles which are generating a lot of buzz in the store:

Staff Suggestions: Fiction

Bestselling Nonfiction

Gorgeous Coffee Table Books

As I said, there’s a second wave of books following close behind—visually stunning and content-rich books perfectly suited for holiday giving. You’ll hear more about these books in the coming weeks.  In fact, you’ll be hearing more from us in general this fall.  Not only do we want to tell you about holiday books, but we’re bringing into the store lots of non-book items—beautiful journals, greeting cards, stationery, notebooks and pens, artisanal and sophisticated satchels made from recycled sails, literary candles, and much more. Plus Melanie and Lauren, our children’s section gurus, will write soon about the great kids' books, toys, and puzzles which will be in the store this season. 
There’s so much happening this fall—we want you to be the first to know and to hear it from us!  Trust me, we’re that excited about this season’s books!

See you in the store!

Carolyn Brody