Dear Reader: It Happens in the Hamptons!

Dear Reader,

“It Happens in the Hamptons” is fittingly the subject line of this email and is also the title of Holly Peterson’s best-selling book. A look around every section of BookHampton will tell you why I chose this subject line — books abound which are set in the Hamptons, feature the Hamptons, describe why the Hamptons are so special, contextualize the Hamptons, and even poke fun at the Hamptons. From novels and memoir, to children’s and YA stories, to art, design, gardens and photography, to nature and local history— it’s all here!  Everything to celebrate this amazing place!
Below are some of our current favorites— our “go-to” books when someone comes in asking to see our books “on the Hamptons.” These books make great additions to your library, take pride of place on your coffee table, and are wonderful gifts for any occasion. 

Every Sea Bags item is stamped with the registered Sea Bags logo and comes with
an authentic hang tag made from recycled sail.
Please note, items pictured above are sample nautical charts. BookHampton has specially commissioned a Long Island Sound/East End Chart which has been featured on a wine bag, beverage bucket, and tote.

See you in the Hamptons!

Carolyn Brody