Dear Reader: End of The Year

Dear Reader,

As I sat down to pen this end-of-year Dear Reader, the image of Janus flashed into my mind. Recalling my high school Latin (with a quick consult on the Wikipedia website), I’m reminded that Janus is the god of beginnings, transitions, and endings. Let me switch that order and use this letter as a sort of Year in Review. (I just love that ambitious concept and will do anything to say it!) 

To remind you and with equal fanfare, the end of 2017 also marks the end of BookHampton's first full calendar year. I'm so proud of what we've accomplished and from what I can tell, I think you are too!

BookHampton continues to thrive for many reasons but three ingredients are critical:

- A highly curated selection of books

2017 was a lively year for books— full of necessary books (and some not so necessary) on the issues of the day — politics, immigration, race, cultural and sexual identity, climate change, and globalization — along with very strong history, biography, and good, serious literature. There have been both kids and adult books with diverse points of view and strong voices. Our emails to you since Thanksgiving have focused on the best books of 2017 — either ones we’ve deemed notable or those that have appeared on other, more widely broadcast lists — so there’s little need for repetition here. If you do need reminding, we have a fully-stocked front table clearly labeled “Best Books of 2017” — and it will remain in place through January. 

- A robust author event calendar

2017 was also a banner year for author events here at BookHampton. We hosted over sixty events throughout the year and our calendar grows richer and fuller each year. I am so very grateful to the authors who spend time with us here and also to the folks who recommend authors to us and help persuade authors that BookHampton is a worthy stop on their circuit.

Here in pictures is the story featuring just a few of the authors who joined us:











John Aldridge & Anthony Sosinski    A Speck in the Sea 








Chelsea Clinton She Persisted









Sheila Nevins You Don't Look Your Age... And Other Fairy Tales  &  Billy Norwich My Mrs. Brown










Jimmy Fallon Everything is Mama










Carrie Doyle & Elizabeth Carey The Hamptons Murder Mystery Series Colson Whitehead The Underground Railroad  










Alec Baldwin & Hilaria Baldwin Story Time


- A team of engaging and knowledgeable booksellers who provide crackerjack customer service

Let me now give a huge shout out to our energetic, dedicated, and talented staff: Colin, Jesse, Lauren, Karl, John, Melanie, Eve, Nick, Ethan, Toni, Gaby and Bruno. They have my heartfelt thanks—and now onward to another year!

Honoring the spirit of Janus, and moving from endings to transitions and beginnings, I'll write again soon in 2018 to share with you my thoughts on the new year.  In the meantime, I wish you and yours a Happy New Year!

See you in the store in 2018!

Carolyn Brody

P.S. We'll be kicking off the new year with a sale in January - stay tuned!