Dear Book Lovers: A Valentine For Book Lovers

Dear Book Lovers,

Happy Valentine's Day! With love in the air this week, we thought it appropriate to introduce BookHampton's new membership program, BookLoyal.

Book Loyal

For every $200.00 you spend at BookHampton, both in the store and on our website, you'll receive 10% off your next purchase at BookHampton. It's easy: you shop for books, gifts, toys, and more, and we'll track your accrued sales. We hope you'll be pleased with this new program and, as always, we're open to your thoughts and suggestions.

Please join us this weekend (Presidents' Day weekend already, can you believe it?) to test out our BookLoyal program and to browse all the latest bestsellers (some of our current favorites are listed below). In addition, be sure to check out our 50% off cart filled with assorted fiction and non-fiction. Since school holidays are upon us, Nanoblocks and Tegu kids' toys will also be marked at 50% off! You'll find them in our big white buckets.

Signing up for our BookLoyal program takes just a moment at the registers or over the phone. Our booksellers are standing by! Thank you for your continued support!

See you in the store,

Carolyn Brody