Understanding Parkinson's Disease: A Self-Help Guide (Paperback)

Understanding Parkinson's Disease: A Self-Help Guide By Steven H. Schechter, MD, David L. Cram, MD Cover Image
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If you’ve been told by your doctor, “You have Parkinson’s disease,” you probably found it difficult to hear those words. Such a diagnosis can be frightening and leave you filled with questions. How will it affect your life? What are your treatment options? These authors are uniquely qualified to understand your concerns. Steven Schechter, M.D., is a neurologist who has treated thousands of patients with Parkinson's disease, and David Cram, M.D., lived with the disease himself. Among the topics they cover are: diagnosis, symptoms and stages, the emotional side of PD—conquering fear and denial, choosing the right health care team, drug therapy—medications and how they work, surgical options, deep brain stimulation, the importance of exercise, coping with day-to-day problems, and care for caregivers.

About the Author

David Cram, M.D. (1934-2009) was an internationally recognized dermatology expert who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1991. He is the author of three other books: The Healing Touch—Keeping the Doctor-Patient Relationship Alive Under Managed Care, Coping with Psoriasis, and Frequently Asked Questions about Parkinson’s Disease. Steven H. Schechter, M.D., conducts a neurological private practice and is a clinical assistant professor of neurology at Wayne State University.

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