Exigency (Hardcover)

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"Readers of surprise sci-fi hit, Andy Weir's The Martian, will find the same great blend of technology and storytelling here. A highly recommended, character-driven sci-fi novel in the tradition of Robert A. Heinlein." -Kirkus Reviews "A fun story of survival and endurance that hits some metaphysical high notes and exudes a special feeling of "cool," Exigency is highly recommended to any big-hearted and sharp-minded reader in search of a sturdy sci-fi page-turner." -Red City Review Nine brilliant scientists travel light years on a one-way trip to an Earth-like planet. Their mission is to study from orbit the two species of intelligent lifeforms on the surface. The first: an isolated people embarking on civilization and building their world's first city. The second: a brutal race of massive predators, spread thick and still growing across the dominant landmass-destined to breed and eat their way to extinction within a few centuries. After eight years of observation, disaster strikes the orbiting station and only two crewmembers eject successfully. Drifting down through a dark alien sky, the pair realizes their escape pod launched not toward the safety of the city, but to the other side of the planet, touching down deep inside a land no human could possibly survive.

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ISBN: 9781940757247
ISBN-10: 194075724X
Publisher: Fantome Publishing
Publication Date: September 28th, 2015
Pages: 414
Language: English