The Man Who Invented Motion Pictures: A True Tale of Obsession, Murder, and the Movies (Compact Disc)

The Man Who Invented Motion Pictures: A True Tale of Obsession, Murder, and the Movies Cover Image
By Paul Fischer, Emily Ellet (Read by)
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A page-turning history about the invention of the motion picture and the mysterious man behind it--detailing his life, work, disappearance, and legacy.The year is 1888 and Louis Le Prince is finally testing his taker or receiver device for his family on their front lawn. The device is meant to capture ten to twelve images per second on film, creating a reproduction of reality that can be replayed as many times as desired. In an otherwise separate and detached world, occurrences from one end of the globe could now be viewable with only a few days delay on the other side of the world. No human experience--from the most mundane to the most momentous--would need to be lost to history. In 1890, Le Prince was granted patents in four countries ahead of other inventors who were rushing to accomplish the same task. But just weeks before unveiling his invention to the world, he mysteriously disappeared and was never seen or heard from again. Three and a half years later, Thomas Edison, Le Prince's rival, made the device public, claiming to have invented it himself. And the man who had dedicated his life to preserving memories was himself lost to history--until now. The Man Who Invented Motion Pictures pulls back the curtain and reveals the riveting story of both Louis Le Prince's life and work, dispelling the secrets that shroud each. This captivating, impeccably researched work presents the never before told history of the motion picture and sheds light on the unsolved mystery of Le Prince's disappearance.

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ISBN: 9781797139296
ISBN-10: 1797139290
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Publication Date: April 19th, 2022
Language: English