On Full Automatic: Surviving 13 Months in Vietnam (Hardcover)

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Vietnam 1967-68

Eighteen-year-old Marine recruit William V. Taylor Jr. and his brother Marines are assembled into a new reaction force that is immediately tested in the fire of a bloody conflict known as Operation Beaver Cage. After a traumatic first fight, they push through back-to-back operations with little time to rest or reflect. Those who survive will return home ensnared by everlasting memories of a real, but entirely surreal nightmare. Now after more than fifty years of holding everything in, Taylor shares his experience in explicit and often horrific detail and with a reverent honor for those Marines who did not live to tell the tale.

Taylor reveals what it truly means to walk the path of a warrior, to sacrifice, and to live a lifetime with the memories of a war-seeking answers to the question, "Was it worth it?"

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ISBN: 9781736621615
ISBN-10: 1736621610
Publisher: Deep Water Press
Publication Date: August 13th, 2021
Pages: 352
Language: English