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There has been a war against the American people for many decades. These aggressors are not camped out in some far away land with heat and sand or jungle and vicious insects but rather they are in corporate board rooms and in penthouse apartments; some even sit in elected offices wearing an American flag pin, all the while plotting to further destroy the principals that we once stood for as a nation. This war is to eradicate the fundamental principles that our forefathers both rich and poor sacrificed and risked everything to birth our nation. This book will cover much of the assaults against us as a nation and bring to bear the responsibility to the hearts of the American people to make a proactive effort to stand together to change their lives and the world around them. Some will call this book sedition and some will call it our freedom of speech. You the reader will be the final judge of the contents of this book.

About the Author

Rex O'Bannon grew up in a military family, and spent his childhood in various US Army bases around the country and overseas, as well as at his family's permanent home in northwest Georgia. Rex served in the US Marine Corps and the US Army. He was deployed to Iraq, where he served one tour of duty; he later returned to Iraq as a civilian contractor. Rex lives in rural southern Arkansas with his wife and five children. He is a Christian who practices his faith regularly. He spends his time writing and farming. His isolated rural lifestyle, compatible with his natural inclination toward time spent alone, has been valuable in giving him time and space to consider what is happening in the world, which he shares with you in this book.

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Publication Date: February 11th, 2014
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