Arctic Convoys 1942: The Luftwaffe cuts Russia's lifeline (Air Campaign) (Paperback)

Arctic Convoys 1942: The Luftwaffe cuts Russia's lifeline (Air Campaign) By Mark Lardas, Adam Tooby (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Mark Lardas, Adam Tooby (Illustrator)
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A new history of the most crucial few months of the Arctic Convoys, when Germany's air power forced the Allies to retreat to the cover of winter.

Between spring and autumn 1942, Germany was winning the battle of the Arctic Convoys. Half of PQ-15 was sunk in May, PQ-17 was virtually obliterated in July, and in September 30 percent of PQ-18 was sunk. The Allies were forced to suspend the convoys until December, when the long Arctic nights would shield them.

Mark Lardas argues that in 1942, it was Luftwaffe air power that made the difference. With convoys sailing in endless daylight, German strike aircraft now equipped and trained for torpedo attacks, and bases in northern Norway available, the Luftwaffe could wreak havoc. Three-quarters of the losses of PQ-18 were due to air attacks. But in November, the Luftwaffe was redeployed south to challenge the Allied landings in North Africa, and the advantage was lost. Despite that, the Allies never again sailed an Arctic convoy in the summer months.

Fully illustrated with archive photos, striking new artwork, maps and diagrams, this is the remarkable history of the Luftwaffe's last strategic victory of World War II.

About the Author

Mark Lardas has been fascinated by things related to the sea and sky his entire life. From building models of ships and aircraft as a teen, his maritime interest led him to study Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, but his interest in aviation led him to take a job on the then-new Space Shuttle program. Over the next 30 years he worked as a navigation engineer on the Shuttle program. Since then he has worked as a technical writer and as an analyst on the Lunar Gateway Program. He has written extensively about aircraft and warships and is the author of over 40 books, all related to military, naval or maritime history.

Praise For…

"His analysis of the actions and the strategic background is both perceptive and persuasive, and his enthusiasm for the subject is apparent." - The Naval Review

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