Dolls of Our Lives: Why We Can't Quit American Girl (Hardcover)

Dolls of Our Lives: Why We Can't Quit American Girl By Mary Mahoney, Allison Horrocks Cover Image
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Which American Girl are you?

Are you a Molly (a patriotic overachiever with a flair for drama)? Felicity (the original horse girl)? Kirsten (a cottagecore fan who seems immune to cholera), Samantha (a savior complex in a sailor suit), or Josefina (who dealt with grief by befriending a baby goat)? Have you ever wondered how Britney Spears or Michelle Kwan would answer that question? And why do we care so much which girl we are?

Combining history, travelogue, and memoir, Dolls of Our Lives follows Allison Horrocks and Mary Mahoney on an unforgettable journey to the past as they delve into the origins of this iconic brand. Continuing the conversations that began on their podcast, they set out to answer the lingering questions that keep them up at night. What did American Girl inventor Pleasant Rowland hope to say to children with these dolls? Was girl power something that could be ordered from a catalogue, described by a magazine, or modeled in the plot lines of books? And how - and why - did this brand shape an entire generation?

Through interviews with a legion of devoted doll lovers, a field trip to Colonial Williamsburg, a place that inspired Pleasant to create American Girl, and an exploration of their own (complicated) fandom, this is a deep dive into one of the 90s most coveted products - the American Girl doll.

About the Author

Mary Mahoney is a historian and podcaster. She co-hosts American Girls, a podcast reliving the American Girl series book by book. When not writing or podcasting, Mary can be found in pursuit of Dolly Parton-related trivia, a house museum tour, or the next great reality show (ideally, all of the above). She lives in Connecticut with her wife.

Allison Horrocks is a public historian, park ranger, and podcaster. From an early age, Allison has been hooked on finding good books and touring historic sites. Allison loves sharing stories about the past at her day job and being part of the American Girl fandom on the web. Her doll collection lives in Rhode Island.

Praise For…

"Horrocks and Mahoney adapt their podcast of the same name into a quippy love letter to the American Girl brand...Full of ’90s and early 2010s pop culture references, this is a twee treat for nostalgic millennials."
Publishers Weekly

“This book will wrap you in a cozy nostalgic blanket, stirring up memories of where you were, literally and figuratively, during the height of American Girl culture... I savored every moment of this book—equal parts historical quest, friendship rom-com, and hero’s journey. Mary and Allison unravel the long-cloaked mysteries of Pleasant Company with charm, wit, and reverence.” —Kat Dennings, actor

"Are you craving something that allows you to be deeply nostalgic while also incredibly analytical? Do you want to also laugh out loud at least every two minutes? Dolls of our Lives is the book for you. A nuanced and hilarious and somehow educational delight." —Anne Helen Peterson, author of Out of Office

"This book weaves American Girl’s history and fan experiences together in an artfully paced, well researched timeline. Equal parts love letter and critique, it’s an invitation to the AG sleepover we’ve all been dreaming of since we were kids." —Sydney Paulsen, creator of @5hensandacockatiel and cohost of American Girl’s AG Fan Club Podcast

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ISBN: 9781250792839
ISBN-10: 1250792835
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
Publication Date: November 7th, 2023
Pages: 256
Language: English