Morgellons: The legitimization of a disease: A Factual Guide by the World's Leading Clinical Expert (Paperback)

Morgellons: The legitimization of a disease: A Factual Guide by the World's Leading Clinical Expert By Ginger Savely Cover Image
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"We have come a long way against great odds on our journey to legitimize Morgellons disease. Dr. Ginger Savely paved the earliest path on the rockiest road to make this progress possible. This book provides long-awaited answers to the vital questions being posed by thousands of patients and clinicians about this unthinkable disease. In reading Dr. Savely's poignant narrative you will learn to separate fact from myth and rumor from reality. This book will be a valuable resource for Morgellons patients and their families and friends and will serve as a guide for health care providers who are open-minded and committed to the health of their patients". From the Foreword by Cindy Casey, RN, Director of the Charles E. Holman Morgellons Disease Foundation.

About the Author

Virginia "Ginger" Savely grew up in Annapolis, Maryland and received her first Bachelor's degrees in Psychology and Music from the University of Maryland in 1972. After a 13-year career as a singer/songwriter/performer she went back to school at the University of Texas at Austin and became a nurse in 1988 and a family nurse practitioner in 1998. She earned her doctorate degree in 2008 from Case Western Reserve University where she conducted research on Morgellons disease. Ginger started out in primary care and began to identify so many Lyme patients in her practice that she gradually became a Lyme specialist. She has been treating and advocating for Morgellons disease since 2003. Ginger has received many awards recognizing her prowess as a health care provider. Her practice, TBD Medical Associates, located previously in Austin, TX and San Francisco, CA is currently in Washington, DC. Her patients come to her from all over the US and several other countries. As of June 2015, Ginger and her husband live most of the year in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. She still maintains an office in Washington, DC where she goes every few months to see patients and visit her family, including 2 grandchildren. Ginger travels all over the US and Europe giving presentations on Lyme and other tickborne diseases as well as Morgellons disease. She is on the medical advisory board of the CEHMDF and has published numerous journal and magazine articles. This is her first book.

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ISBN: 9780997920024
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Publisher: Ginger Savely
Publication Date: October 22nd, 2016
Pages: 388
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