‘Twas The Season…’Tis Almost The New Season

Dear Reader,
Here at BookHampton we’ve had a wonderful holiday season and hope you have too.  Lots of good cheer, lots of books sold, and a strong finish to the year.  As always, we can’t thank you enough for choosing to buy your books from us.
As we get ready to ring in the new year, here is look back on 2016.  Of course, for BookHampton this has not been a full year.  It’s been just over seven months since we first opened on Memorial Day weekend.  But it IS our first calendar year.  
While I can’t imagine penning anything as weighty, challenging or ponderous like “The Year in Review” on a macro level—can you imagine doing this for the events that have captured our attention in 2016?—I do want to share with you in both pictures and words, “BookHampton’s Year in Review,” best told by sharing the books and events that I and my fellow booksellers most remember from 2016.
Here are some of our favorite books of 2016:























And here are only a few of our favorite events of 2016.  We so appreciate all the authors who’ve joined us to talk and sign copies of their books.



















I’d like to close my last Dear Reader of the year with a quote from Ann Patchett, the author of one of my most favorite books of 2016 (Commonwealth) and the co-owner of one of the most lively and successful bookstores in the country, Parnassus Books in Nashville, Tennessee.  You may remember that I quoted her in my very first Dear Reader.  At the end of 2015 she wrote in the Wall Street Journal, “Bookstores are Back” and this was one of my inspirations for buying BookHampton!
Now, one year later at the end of 2016, she wrote about some of her favorite books for the year in The New York Times Book Review.  Here's what she said:


“If ever there was a year to turn off the television, throw the phone out the window and pick up a book, this was it.  Lucky for us, 2016 was a knockout year in publishing… Now bring this list to your local independent bookstore and buy some books so you can ensure the health of a small business in your community while enriching your life through reading. 
That’s the very definition of a win/win.”

These are words that once again are especially meaningful to me and to all of us at BookHampton.  We could not have said it better and as always, we are grateful for your support.
Happy New Year!


See you in the store,

Carolyn Brody

P.S.  The first 2017 Dear Reader will be out next week highlighting what’s happening in the next few months—new books I’m looking forward to reading added to those I just didn’t get to in 2016 and the event calendar just as full as ever because winter often brings more time for gathering and community. 
And remember— we are open New Year’s Day noon to 5:00PM!