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Newsletter 11.5.17: Signed Books Make Great Gifts!

Dear Reader,

Of course, I love all books—well OK, almost all books—and to me a signed version makes the book ever so special. There’s just slightly more of a personal connection—regardless of subject—when I see the author’s signature on the page. I may cherish that book a bit more—perhaps even covet it—and indeed, in my library signed books have a place of pride. In some cases, a signed copy—especially if it’s a first edition—will make a book more valuable, but for most of us, we are buying books to read and treasure.

Right now, we have many signed books in the store, some first editions. These books make great holiday gifts (or really for any occasion throughout the year). This is also an opportunity to add to your own collection.

By the way, please know that these editions are personally signed and arrive at the store via a variety of ways: the author has gone to the publisher to sign copies, has signed for stock after an event at BookHampton, or, in some cases, the author has signed books in New York City after which I’ve transported the books out to the store. My friend Tom Friedman is a case in point: he has generously signed copies of his most recent book, Thank You For Being Late, on my dining room table as he was passing through the city.

Here at BookHampton, we are all in favor of making books even more personal, special, and cherished. And signed copies do just that!

Dear Reader September 2017

Dear Reader,

A few weeks ago, just after Labor Day, I might have written with a hint of melancholy about summer’s end—but that feeling has certainly not lingered! In the world of books (and bookselling), fall is the most exciting time of year and this year is especially exciting. The fall releases are amazing and, just to tease you, the forthcoming holiday books are absolutely glorious. Part of what makes the fall season so bountiful is that in this three month period, there are really two waves of new books: fall selections now on our shelves and tables (more on these below) and holiday releases, about which you will hear more in future newsletters. Over the next three months, you’ll be twice enthralled and we can’t wait to tell you about these books. 

Local Abundance

Dear Reader,

Earlier today, I picked up my weekly box of fresh, organic produce from Amber Waves Farms in Amagansett. Through my CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) membership, I am supporting local agriculture here on the East End. Not to mention, I love the smell, feel, look, and of course, taste of the food. Beautifully arranged in my box this week are: fennel, lettuce, eggplant, kale, jalapenos, Thai basil, peppers, garlic, red onion, beets, zucchini, and parsley. This is truly local abundance!

Just as there is an abundant crop of local produce, we have in the store a bumper crop of books about the iconic and glorious East End. ”Local” can be experienced and enjoyed in many ways. The books below tell stories, capture in photographs, or otherwise document what it’s like to live here.

Summer Reads and Games for Kids!

Dear Reader,

Happy Summer! I hope you're enjoying the long days on the beach. I'm currently travelling but have left this Dear Reader issue in good hands! I'm delighted to introduce Melanie Fleishman, our esteemed Children's Book Buyer. She has wonderful suggestions for your young readers and has provided an excellent selection for you to browse here in this newsletter and in the store. 

Happy Reading!

Summer Reads and Happy Father's Day!

Dear Reader,

As I write this, the sun is shining, the temperature is climbing, and people are out and about strolling East Hampton's beautiful Main Street. What a difference a week makes! We’ve just endured a remarkably long stretch of unseasonably wet, windy, 50-degree weather, which seemed more conducive to hunkering down than venturing out. Fortunately, that's all behind us now - let the venturing begin!

Mother’s Day, Gardens, and Our First Anniversary

Dear Reader,

The promise of spring with warmer, sunnier days is starting to become a reality.  The store has emerged from the quiet of winter. Our shelves are fully stocked with books and more cartons arrive daily.  Sometimes we receive as many as 57 cartons each morning and boy, do we love Pete, our friendly UPS deliveryman. Our overstock (those high shelves near the ceiling) is looking… well, overstocked. Puzzles, toys, and games are already flying out of here and the pace on the floor and certainly behind the register is quickening. And we're looking for a few great booksellers to share the fun!

The store is now open seven days a week with longer weekend hours starting Memorial Day weekend. Summer will be fast upon us — yippee for that — and we are ready!

It's Paperback Season!

Hello, Readers!

Do you smell it in the air? I’m talking about that warm-spring smell, not pollen. Although, I guess it’s hard to avoid the pollen if you are outside, smelling said air. I hope those with itchy eyes can read not only this fabulous e-mail, but also the titles I recommend!

Spring is Here! Thank Goodness and Thank You!

Dear Reader,

I write this on the first official day of Spring.  I am hopeful the worst of the winter weather is behind us and thank goodness for that!  The shorter days and cooler temperatures have meant that the store has been pretty quiet. And though we knew this would happen, it sure feels different. We are grateful to everyone who has come in and bought books during the winter months. Please know that those of us working in the store were, and continue to be, warmed by your presence! 

Wow, so much to say here that I barely have time to talk about books!  I've been away most of March and have had the time to read almost every afternoon and evening. This dedicated time for reading is an indulgence in many ways and certainly not easy to do, but I highly recommend it. Here's what I've read and found worthy (a bit heavier on paperbacks since I've been traveling):

Women's History Month and More

Hello, Readers!

March is a month to celebrate women - it's Women's History Month and International Women's Day was on March 8th. Therefore, I thought it would be appropriate to start this newsletter off highlighting books recently written by women. It's important to diversify our reading lists, no?!  I am constantly trying to read authors of a different sex, sexuality, and color. Each writer has a different voice or message due to their own unique experiences.