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Dear Reader: "Fire and Fury" and Beyond

Dear Reader,

In the world of books, bookselling, and publishing, 2018 certainly did not start off slowly!
When I finished my December Dear Reader, I wrote about endings and then, evoking my Janus image, I said I’d be talking about transitions and beginnings early in the new year. Somewhat naively, I envisioned a leisurely start to 2018 — time to recover from the busyness of the holiday season — with a moderate ramp up to discussing new books for early 2018. . .

Dear Reader: End of The Year

Dear Reader,

As I sat down to pen this end-of-year Dear Reader, the image of Janus flashed into my mind. Recalling my high school Latin (with a quick consult on the Wikipedia website), I’m reminded that Janus is the god of beginnings, transitions, and endings. Let me switch that order and use this letter as a sort of Year in Review. (I just love that ambitious concept and will do anything to say it!) 

To remind you and with equal fanfare, the end of 2017 also marks the end of BookHampton's first full calendar year. I'm so proud of what we've accomplished and from what I can tell, I think you are too!

BookHampton continues to thrive for many reasons...

Stocking Stuffers Galore!

Dear Reader,

Our shopping days are now numbered in the single digits so it's time to really focus. No more procrastinating! Here at BookHampton, we've offered up lots of titles for your consideration--both in our newsletters and through our online catalog. But there's one type of book that deserves a bit more attention: small books that could work as stocking stuffers. They are easy to carry, easy to ship, easy to wrap, entertaining, inspirational, and educational - a nice gesture without making a huge statement. These books work when, for whatever reason, size matters. They are some of our favorite, most fun books to recommend! 

Of course, don't forget the ultimate stocking stuffer - the mighty Gift Card! For the book lover in your life, a BookHampton Gift Card and Tote Bag is sure to please!

December 2017 Newsletter

Dear Reader,

Shopping can be overwhelming, especially during the holiday season. Choosing the perfect book for everyone on your list can be daunting but don't worry, we're here to help! It’s a thrill for us as booksellers to help you work through your list— whether it’s your soon-to-be daughter-in-law who enjoys really good contemporary literature, your nephew who lives for sports, your colleagues who need a book small enough to be a stocking stuffer, your son the artist, your mother who loves to cook, your sister who needs a coffee table book for her new home, your best friend who is going through a tough time, or…. and on and on, you get the idea!
As always, we’re here to help you in several ways, have a look at some of our personal favorites to give this holiday season!

With two weeks until Christmas, I hope you will come into the store, call us, or browse ourHoliday catalog. However we can help you find the right book, it would be our pleasure!  It’s why we love what we do!
Happy Holidays! See you in the store!

December Kids

BookHampton’s second holiday season is well underway and we have lots of wonderful picks for your younger ones — books as well as an enticing variety of gifts and toys.

Happy Holidays!

See you in the store,

Melanie Fleishman
Children's Book Buyer

Dear Reader Thanksgiving

Dear Reader,

Happy Thanksgiving!
When my son Charlie, now almost 30, was in nursery school, he offered up a recipe for cooking the Thanksgiving turkey. It must have been a class project because his teacher typed up the recipe and pasted it on a paper plate cut-out turkey that he had festooned.  Here is the recipe:

Charlie Brody's Turkey Recipe
1. You buy a turkey.
2. You wash it.
3. Put lemon juice on it.
4. Stuff it.
5. Put oil on the turkey.
6. Put it in the oven on 45 degrees for 30 minutes.


Dear Reader September 2017

Dear Reader,

A few weeks ago, just after Labor Day, I might have written with a hint of melancholy about summer’s end—but that feeling has certainly not lingered! In the world of books (and bookselling), fall is the most exciting time of year and this year is especially exciting. The fall releases are amazing and, just to tease you, the forthcoming holiday books are absolutely glorious. Part of what makes the fall season so bountiful is that in this three month period, there are really two waves of new books: fall selections now on our shelves and tables (more on these below) and holiday releases, about which you will hear more in future newsletters. Over the next three months, you’ll be twice enthralled and we can’t wait to tell you about these books. 

Local Abundance

Dear Reader,

Earlier today, I picked up my weekly box of fresh, organic produce from Amber Waves Farms in Amagansett. Through my CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) membership, I am supporting local agriculture here on the East End. Not to mention, I love the smell, feel, look, and of course, taste of the food. Beautifully arranged in my box this week are: fennel, lettuce, eggplant, kale, jalapenos, Thai basil, peppers, garlic, red onion, beets, zucchini, and parsley. This is truly local abundance!

Just as there is an abundant crop of local produce, we have in the store a bumper crop of books about the iconic and glorious East End. ”Local” can be experienced and enjoyed in many ways. The books below tell stories, capture in photographs, or otherwise document what it’s like to live here.

Summer Reads and Games for Kids!

Dear Reader,

Happy Summer! I hope you're enjoying the long days on the beach. I'm currently travelling but have left this Dear Reader issue in good hands! I'm delighted to introduce Melanie Fleishman, our esteemed Children's Book Buyer. She has wonderful suggestions for your young readers and has provided an excellent selection for you to browse here in this newsletter and in the store. 

Happy Reading!