Newsletter 11.5.17: Signed Books Make Great Gifts!

Dear Reader,

Of course, I love all books—well OK, almost all books—and to me a signed version makes the book ever so special. There’s just slightly more of a personal connection—regardless of subject—when I see the author’s signature on the page. I may cherish that book a bit more—perhaps even covet it—and indeed, in my library signed books have a place of pride. In some cases, a signed copy—especially if it’s a first edition—will make a book more valuable, but for most of us, we are buying books to read and treasure.

Right now, we have many signed books in the store, some first editions. These books make great holiday gifts (or really for any occasion throughout the year). This is also an opportunity to add to your own collection.

By the way, please know that these editions are personally signed and arrive at the store via a variety of ways: the author has gone to the publisher to sign copies, has signed for stock after an event at BookHampton, or, in some cases, the author has signed books in New York City after which I’ve transported the books out to the store. My friend Tom Friedman is a case in point: he has generously signed copies of his most recent book, Thank You For Being Late, on my dining room table as he was passing through the city.

Here at BookHampton, we are all in favor of making books even more personal, special, and cherished. And signed copies do just that!

Currently available in store:

Barefoot Contessa

Quantities are limited so please come in, call, or order online.

The holiday season is fast upon us. You’ll start to hear from us more often to let you know about the fabulous books and gifts we’ve carefully selected for this time of year. And be sure to take a look at our first Holiday catalog—in both print and online versions—which will be available mid-November. We’ll also let you know how we can help you in choosing just the right book or gift for everyone on your list.  It would be our pleasure!

See you in the store!

Carolyn Brody