Dear Reader

It's Paperback Season!

Hello, Readers!

Do you smell it in the air? I’m talking about that warm-spring smell, not pollen. Although, I guess it’s hard to avoid the pollen if you are outside, smelling said air. I hope those with itchy eyes can read not only this fabulous e-mail, but also the titles I recommend!

A Few Ideas to Pique Your Interest

Hello, Readers!

I woke up today and realized that we are halfway through January.  In the haze of the holidays and the New Year, I haven’t had time to sit down and process what a fantastic few months we've had at BookHampton.  As someone who has worked in the store in both its old and new forms, I can say that we performed beautifully and you were incredibly receptive to our new ideas and layout. So, thank you.

Stocking Stuffers Plus Games, Puzzles and Toys, Oh My!

Much as we love deep and weighty tomes, huge and gorgeous coffee table books, and imposing histories of at least 10,000 objects related to you-name-it, we’re also captivated by a lively assortment of smaller books.  Sometimes serious, sometimes funny, sometimes whimsical, they too have a place in our heart.  And we think they’ll have a place under your tree!  For these books, you really CAN judge a book by its cover!  Here are some of our favorites: