Dear Reader

A Few Ideas to Pique Your Interest

Hello, Readers!

I woke up today and realized that we are halfway through January.  In the haze of the holidays and the New Year, I haven’t had time to sit down and process what a fantastic few months we've had at BookHampton.  As someone who has worked in the store in both its old and new forms, I can say that we performed beautifully and you were incredibly receptive to our new ideas and layout. So, thank you.

Stocking Stuffers Plus Games, Puzzles and Toys, Oh My!

Much as we love deep and weighty tomes, huge and gorgeous coffee table books, and imposing histories of at least 10,000 objects related to you-name-it, we’re also captivated by a lively assortment of smaller books.  Sometimes serious, sometimes funny, sometimes whimsical, they too have a place in our heart.  And we think they’ll have a place under your tree!  For these books, you really CAN judge a book by its cover!  Here are some of our favorites:

Eat, Drink, Be Merry... and Buy Books!

You can just feel it, no? It's time to really get serious about buying books for everyone on your list.

As we've often said over the past weeks, BookHampton is ready to make your shopping experience easier and enjoyable. The store is decked with the latest and greatest books, our gift wrapping is artful, carols are playing, and our booksellers are eager to give you personal recommendations.

'Tis The Season! The Season of Giving!

Thanksgiving is now behind us and the festive delights of the holidays rapidly approach. BookHampton is at the ready with gift-giving ideas for everyone on your list.  We have a busy weekend ahead and lots of holiday books to recommend - let's get right to it!

Here's our first round of Holiday book suggestions. (There'll be more next week!) All of us at BookHampton wish you the best of the season.  See you in the store!